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Less time tarping means more time on the road, and you’ll save time every time with Rolla-Tarp, the Australian Made, economic and efficient truck tarping system. Just pull the rope over your load, hook the pull bar into the gate hooks, secure the ropes and side flaps and you’re done!

Rolla-Tarp fits inside the headboard for total rear vision, and the pull rope allows the driver to tarp the truck without climbing on or over the load.  Rolla-Tarp is Australian made from light weight aluminium and tough super mesh tarp.  Check out the products page for more information on how Rolla-Tarp can protect and secure your load, or contact us today for a quote or more information.

Rolla Tarp – Truck and vehicle tarps has over 30 years of Experience in the making of all types of Truck and vehicle Tarps for Flat Bed Trailers, Dump Tarps, Machinery Tarps, Oil Field Tarps, Horse Trailer Tarps and much more.

We are dedication on making sure our products are made with the highest quality in every process. Our Tarp are made in our factory located in Lilydale Victoria.

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Lightweight – once fitted it weighs less than 40kg

Factory fitting or self install kits

Decking & Pergolas

Automatic spring loaded for easy un-tarping

Tarp kits shipped across Australia

EPA Compliant

Parts are always available

Can be fitted to aluminium or steel bodies

Australian made & Owned

Rolla Mesh Tarps

  • Versatile range of woven mesh fabric
  • PVC coated polyester
  • 400gsm mesh
  • Variety of colours on request
  • Up to 3m wide x 6.4m with flaps

Rolla Solid Tarps

  • 680gsm premium tear step
  • Premium strength fabric
  • Dual tear step scrum coated in high quality PVC malation
  • Ideal for full loads
  • Up to 3m wide x 6.4m long with Flaps